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Roof-Top Cargo Basket: Why is it A Key Accessory to Modify Tesla

Tesla emerges as a strong contender in the innovative automotive sector. It seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with sustainable transportation, making its car an exclusive choice among customers. As the refitted industry has taken shape, it instigates Tesla owners to customize their electric rides with functionality. One standout strategy to maintain a voguish aesthetics is the addition of a roof-top cargo basket. This key accessory caters to the evolving needs of the Tesla owners and also provides a lucrative business opportunity. In collaboration with New Star, you can unravel modern ways to build a strong business from these car accessories.

List of Car Accessories Tesla Owners Prefer for Modifications

Tesla enthusiasts always look for ways to enhance their vehicle’s appeal and performance. Here are some of the most-loved car accessories by Tesla owners:

1.    Custom Wheels and Tires

Upgrading the electric car wheels and tires improves the ride experience and ensures smooth driving. Custom wheels allow Tesla owners to select among a diverse variety of designs, finishes, and styles. It enables the company to tailor the appearance of their electric vehicles to their unique preferences.

Also, the material of the wheels matters. Personalized wheels are made from lightweight and durable materials, enhancing the vehicle’s efficiency. Beyond aesthetics, custom wheels can improve the braking performance. They contribute to better handling, cornering, and overall driving dynamics.

Likewise, customizing tires allows Tesla owners to choose a tire type that suits their driving preferences and climate conditions. These tires may provide improved traction or grip and enhance safety in different weather conditions.

2.    Custom Paint

Another innovative accessory that Tesla lovers opt for is to deploy custom paints. The personal touch of a paint job can modify your Tesla exterior and showcase your style. Whether it’s a vibrant or matte finish, custom paint allows automobile accessory manufacturers to reflect their brand personality.

3.    All-Weather Floor Mats

Owners prefer all-weather floor mats to safeguard the interior of Tesla NEV models. This essential accessory keeps the car’s inner surface clean from dirt, moisture, and various climate conditions.

Tesla modified with these mats can preserve the original flooring and maintain the vehicle’s resale value.

4.    Roof-Top Cargo Basket

Adding a roof-top cargo basket to a Tesla is a versatile enhancement. Once installed, this accessory increases the electric vehicle’s carrying capacity. It offers ample space for luggage, equipment, or other bulky items. Whether it’s camping gear or items for a family vacation, the roof-top cargo basket proves to be the owner’s best companion. Freeing up the car’s interior space allows the passengers to reduce clutter in their vehicle and travel comfortably. These rooftop racks improve the airflow over the car when moving; thus, they influence the car’s aerodynamics. Moreover, the roof-top cargo basket is made of sturdy material that protects stuff from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they provide security to Tesla owners’ gear against theft with their locking capabilities.

Data of Tesla NEV Delivery: Why is It a Business Opportunity for Car Accessories?

  • In the first quarter of 2023, Tesla delivered 10,695 Model S/X. and 412,180 Model 3/Y.
  • In the second quarter of 2023, 19,225 Model S/X are delivered by Tesla. The number of Model 3/Y delivered is 446,915.
  • In the third quarter of 2023, Model S/X deliveries were recorded up to 15,985, and 419,074 Model 3/Y vehicles were delivered.
  • In the fourth quarter, 461,538 3/Y Tesla models were delivered, and others were delivered up to 22,969.

As Tesla ownership is soaring, there’s an increasing demand for practical accessories to improve its style and practicality. The roof-top cargo basket perfectly addresses this need and offers Tesla owners additional storage for various purposes. The versatility of the accessory also captures the outdoor enthusiasts, families, and diverse consumer segments who own a Tesla. It means a massive audience anxiously awaits such products that can customize their rides. Amid the demand, there’s a huge business opportunity hidden in it. 

Start Your Business with New Star

So, if you’re ready to start a roof-top cargo basket business, look no further than New Star. We are professional manufacturers of durable automotive racks and carriers. Our products are convenient to install and enhance the visual aesthetics of your vehicle. Embracing our wholesale car accessories, like our Roof Rack Rooftop Basket, can allow your customers to cherish a smooth riding experience. The core features of this product are:

  • A large storage space with a holding capacity of 150 lbs
  • Overall dimensions are 43″(L) x 39″(W) x 6″(H)
  • Integrates steel construction with black powder coating to resist weather extremes or corrosion. It also offers long-lasting usage
  • Side rails and bottom metal bars provide extra security to your luggage during traveling
  • Features a steel wind fairing to alleviate wind resistance
  • Suitable for carrying luggage, camping supplies, fishing gear, and more for adventure


In short, a roof-top cargo basket is truly a game changer in modifying Tesla for an elevated driving journey. From visual elements to practical accessories like our roof-top basket rack, embracing innovation allows Tesla owners to personalize their electric rides. So, if you are looking for high-quality wholesale automobile baskets or carriers, connect with us, New Star. With 20 years of experience in the vehicle industry, we can offer you a reliable collection of roof-top basket racks at the most affordable budget. So, get a quote now!

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