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An Ultimate Guide to Car Rooftop Basket in Rental Business

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After the pandemic, more and more people have restarted their travel plans to explore every continent on Earth. Driving is one of the convenient and ideal solutions to discover the desired destination. As a result, the demand for rental cars is on the rise. For rental car companies, this presents an opportunity to meet customer needs and increase revenue by investing in a car rooftop basket. Read on to learn why they are a worthwhile addition to any rental fleet.

Top Reasons Why Customers Seek a Car with the Rooftop Basket When Renting

Car rooftop baskets have become a popular rental car feature for good reason. The following are some of the top reasons customers specifically request vehicles equipped with them:

  1. Feel Free to Bring Seasonal Gear

Depending on the season and destination, renters may need extra room for bulky or odd-shaped items like skis, snowboards, surfboards, camping gear, and more. A car rooftop basket provides ample space for hauling gear securely.

  • Enhance Passengers’ Comfort

By keeping dirty or wet equipment separate from passenger areas, rooftop baskets help maintain interior cleanliness and comfort. Renters can transport smelly, dirty, or damp items outside the vehicle.

  • Organize Luggage Easily

For road trips involving multiple passengers, overhead storage space helps keep luggage and other items organized. Less clutter inside makes travel more pleasant.

  • Brave Enough to Explore Far and Remote Locations

Adventurous travelers relying on rental cars to reach camping grounds, trails, lakes, and other off-the-beaten-path locales often need a car rooftop basket for all their gear because they have extra storage space. Rooftop storage brings freedom for travelers to go to the destinations they have dreamt of for years.

Car Rooftop Baskets – Great Potential for Your Rental Business

Cargo roof racks are a valuable investment for your rental car business with many benefits and great opportunities, including:

  • Increase Customer Demands

Having cars equipped with a car rooftop basket enables your rental business to meet the needs of more customers, especially those planning outdoor adventures and road trips. This draws more bookings.

  • Amplify Brand Identity

Specializing in outfitting vehicles for outdoor endeavors can set your company apart. Marketing rental cars with cargo baskets creates a unique brand identity.

  • Deliver Higher Profit Margin

A car rooftop basket can be an additional choice. When renters choose vehicles specifically for rooftop storage, you can charge more for the added utility. In this way, rooftop cargo baskets allow your rental business to earn higher profit margins.

Recommendation: New Star’s Rack Rooftop Basket and Extension

With over two decades of experience developing and manufacturing high-quality automotive accessories, we, New Star, have become a leading producer of rooftop cargo baskets.

Among our products, one of the most popular ones is the Rack Rooftop Basket and Extension (CR6608-9). This robust steel cargo carrier is specifically engineered for rental fleets. Here are some key features of this product:

Large Storage Capacity: Free up space in the vehicle with this roof rack cargo basket with a large 150 lbs. capacity, handling large luggage easily.

Easy to Mount: Utilizes the vehicle’s cross bars and the use of U-bolts makes installation/mounting easy and hassle-free, offering an easy installation to your rental car fleet.

Powder-coated Finish: The car rooftop basket features a durable black powder-coated finish on steel construction for longevity. It also contains a steel wind fairing to protect cargo from being damaged by the wind and reduce wind resistance.

Versatile Cargo Space: Suitable for carrying camping supplies, sports equipment, luggage, firewood, hunting, and fishing gear, etc., during road trips, camping, or moving.

Extra Security: Metal bars in the bottom and side rails ensure that all the items stored remain safe and secure during travel.


With road travel on the rise, equipping rental car fleets with rooftop cargo baskets allows companies to meet customer demand while boosting profitability. We, New Star, as a reputed brand, are an established leader in high-quality automotive cargo solutions and OEM/ODM customized services. Headquartered in Zhongshan, China, we utilize the latest technologies and materials alongside innovative designs to create rugged, durable rooftop storage solutions. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures products that meet the evolving needs of worldwide customers. We operate two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce all rooftop offerings in-house, allowing for stringent quality control procedures. Every car rooftop basket undergoes thorough inspection and testing before shipping.

As a result, we can be your trusted partner on the way to boosting your business. So now, visit our New Star’s website today to learn more and take your rental business to the next level with the addition of a durable car rooftop basket.

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